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  Vor 71 Monaten per Handy

Do you think that sexual harassment is on the increase?

I read in the paper today that 41% of women under 34 have been sexually harassed in the street in London, with the harassment taking the form of anything from wolf whistling and lewd comments to physical groping. Apparently trains and buses are where much of this happens. Does this surprise you? I remember getting my bum pinched last time I was squashed onto a full underground train but never thought much about it. Has harassment happened to you or have you witnessed it?


  Vor 71 Monaten
I am fortunate not to have to take public transportation, but in France, even a harassment law is passed to the door, putting the powerless victims & bullies in a strong position . . .
J'ai la chance de ne pas avoir à prendre les transports en commun, mais en France, même une loi sur le harcèlement est passée à la trappe, ce qui met les victimes sans recours & les harceleurs en position de force . . .
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  Vor 71 Monaten
I think that people have over board when they say that whistling is a form of sexual harassment because i think that there is nothing wrong with this as i was whistled at when i passed a work site or walking down the street. I have always been told it was alright to look but not touch besides i used think that it was nice to be noticed.
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  Vor 71 Monaten
When I was younger I used to get whistled at when walking past a building site, or factory, etc; to be honest saw nothing wrong with it and it can actually give some women confidence. May be because I am a lot older now and live in a different part of the country (south west and used to live up north), but never seem to get the whistles and don't see other younger people being whistled at. I once walked past the pub the other day and a young lady was walking along, blond, well dressed and heard a blokey outside the pub say to his mate quietly (loud enough for me to hear but not the blond), she looks like Peaches Geoldof, a bit of alright. I think words and whistling is one thing, if someone tries to be physical ie bum pinching there is a time and place, fine in a pub or club if it seems the female is single, out with her female friends and being generally flirty, but on a train no way
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  Vor 71 Monaten
These statistics are very high and I am shocked - but no nothing has happened like this to me, the occaisional whistle many moons ago when I was quite flattered
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  Vor 71 Monaten
God, this numbers are real? This is serious! I thought London was a safer place...
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  Vor 71 Monaten
I don't think it can possibly be increasing, given the number of times I've been (or was, when I was younger - though I still get "unlucky" very, very occasionally!) whistled at, bum-pinched or actually "properly molested" - once by an elderly neighbour in my own home). In the past it was almost a matter of shame, so nobody spoke about it very much; these days it is generally accepted to be WRONG and women report these things.
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  Vor 71 Monaten
I also think that this problem is increasing. Today, nothing is taboo, and so some people think that they can afford anything.
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  Vor 71 Monaten
I do not think that it is on the increase but is talked about and reported more. I do not judge wolf whistling to be sexual harassment but lewd comment are. I think at my age I would be more than happy if I got wolf whistled at.
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  Vor 71 Monaten
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  Vor 71 Monaten
I think it has been around for many years it has happened to me in in two of my jobs, and it is not a nice thing to have to put up with.
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